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From Organic to DigitalApplying Nature's Complexity, Symmetry and Beauty

Design benefits non-designers like scientists and engineers all the time in the field of Biomimetics a discipline that aims to innovate materials engineering and improve existing machines by copying nature which for millions of years has been manufacturing products without polluting the environment and producing strong materials.

This talk is about extending Biomimetics to designers, developers and everyone involved in the creative process by teaching them to observe the complexity, beauty & symmetry found in the natural world. It aims to extract design thinking lessons from nature’s cycles and their application to a creative team’s processes, methods and culture.

Nature tackles clearly defined problems of global proportions all the time and the way these are solved through its cycles of massive scale teaches designers and others to have a clearly defined problem, seek solutions by asking for different points of view and arriving at a holistic solution.

Nature is full of inspiration for anyone involved in the creative process: colors, music, the way things work, textures and feelings; these all make up powerful caches of creativity. The way nature adapts to changing conditions speaks bold lessons about ideating multiple ideas in today’s modern development cycles by encouraging a culture of brainstorming, generating multiple ideas and collaboration.

The field of biomimetics is full of prototypes that are tested before introducing an innovative products to market, a fact that speaks to any User Experience professional who values prototyping, soliciting user feedback and testing.

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