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Join in a lively conversation that explores how technology is expanding and challenging our ideas of narrative, authorship and community with a panel that features Brian Newman (Sub-Genre Media), Casey Pugh (Star Wars Uncut), moderator John Carlin (Funny Garbage) and other special guests.

The panelists will discuss ways technology and digital media have empowered creative people to do new things over the past decade - rather than just distribute and market linear content. They'll also talk about the challenges to some of our most cherished ideas about authorship, content and how art should provoke, engage and amuse us. They'll share and critique some of the most well known (and obscure) examples of emerging interactive media, as well as what might be missing and how that will change over the next few years.

Finally, the panelists will publicly imagine the kind of digital culture we would like to see and how that will transform creative and commercial work around the world by the end of the decade.

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Casey Pugh is the man behind Star Wars Uncut, one of the most successful crowd sourced viral videos ever made and VHX a new platform for distributing content. Brian Newman is a leading figure in the independent film and documentary world, who has also tirelessly explored and stimulated new ways to use technology to bring films to people and enable artist to make films in new ways. John Carlin is the co-founder of Funny Garbage, a leading interactive design company and Red Hot, which produces music digital media to support pro-social causes.

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