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Andy Goodman

Mobile is reshaping the digital economy. Well-designed mobile services are taking the world by storm, and most companies are scrambling to get into the game. But at the same time, our lifestyles are transitioning into a new phase in digital, and the distinction between the Internet and the real world is blurring as the two increasingly merge. This is the next stage in the digitisation of everything.

Digital in the future will no longer be a thing we take out of our pocket, log in to or enable – it will become an invisible layer to our lives, and design will play a principal role in helping us navigate this emerging landscape. Gestural interfaces are in line to become more widespread as digital melts completely into the background of our lives - but who will design and own these gestures? The creative use of the new language should be left to the end-users, but the new universal “alphabet” will still need to be invented and popularised.

This ‘future digital’ is an exciting prospect for service designers, as these advances are signalling the emergence of a new trend: positioning digital services as living, evolving systems. It’s a paradigm shift that’s about designing living services, not dead artefacts. Fjord calls this ‘Living Design’ - contending that this is the dawn of a new era that represents the tight interplay between innovation in technology and the essence of being human.

Andy Goodman, Managing Director, Fjord Madrid, will outline the ways in which the IoT and our current state of ultra-connectivity are supporting the development of a digital overlay throughout our lives and the Living Design trend. He will detail how service designers will become the new linguists, helping to adapt service design in parallel with a future of gestural interfaces, and will discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with translating the digital experience into a ‘future language’ users can understand and identify with.

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