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Data Visualisation with D3

In the world of Big Data, data visualisation is becoming more and more important. Richard Powell will show you why solid design principles, great libraries, and firm grasp of code are at what's needed for showing data in a way that's intriguing and valuable.

How to make highly interactive time-series graphs using D3 & Rickshaw. You will learn:

  • How you can visualise data in an effective way.
  • Why D3 & Rickshaw are great libraries and how you can get started.
  • How to make data flexible and why that's important to your users.
  • The mistakes I've made, how you can avoid them, and why assumptions are dangerous.

This field can teach us a lot more than just how to visualise data.  For example, how to influence people effectively, how to open people's eyes to unseen realities, how make the mundane seem interesting. These are skills that are useful for design, for development, for business and for how we interact with colleagues and customers.

Richard will want you to leave with a burning desire to give data visualisation a go.

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