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The Story of the Internet of ThingsWhat happens when your home remembers you?

Scé Pike

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that some have heard of, and few can pinpoint, but a vast majority of the world still isn’t aware of how this growing industry will soon effect their lives.

The current strategy of makers in this field capitalizes on the availability of new technologies to solve for problems that don’t exist. This approach doesn’t look at the true needs of users.

Our lives are composed of patterns that make up stories. What patterns will we uncover with the advancements in IoT? What stories will we be able to tell about ourselves using these new technologies? The Story of the Internet of Things is also the story of us.

What can the Internet of Things become when a platform is established that allows for a true ecosystem of compatible devices? Sce Pike, Chief Experience Officer of Citizen, Inc. will look at strategies, objectives, and values to consider in the creation of IoT products and services, to drive the industry towards mass adoption and truly needed problem solving.

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