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Creating a Culture of Reinvention

Some of the most popular and exciting brands of today have been built by adopting leaner, meaner approaches to their product development, over traditional production 'processes'. Companies like AirBnb, Netflix, Uber, and Tesla have thrived by thinking differently about how they do what they do.

Although large companies now, these brands are all still relatively young, and some will argue it’s easier to try new ways of working when you grow a workforce based on a particular philosophy. That doesn't stop them continually innovating though. And what if you work in an established team, in an established company that has its own 'methodology' in place? How do you break the mould and integrate new ways of thinking?

This session discusses the importance of creating a culture of reinvention in order to continually innovate the things we do. The talk covers the tools, techniques and principles we can adopt to prove why it's important to think differently, the benefits of doing so, and how you can get the buy-in from others to influence positive change in your organization.

Coming from a UX perspective, and having worked in cultures mixing both open and closed minds, Andrew will talk about how we can use our skills to examine, evaluate, optimize and encourage new approaches to the work we do every day.

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