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Conversational and Gestural User InterfacesHow UX Design Skill Sets Have to Change

One of the biggest UX design trends of 2016 is to make everyhting more conversational. Today, the highest activity rates are found in messaging apps. Every e-commerce service, online game, dating service, and community of any kind has messaging as part of their experience. Further, more and more messaging apps are opening up their APIs to integrate 3rd party services. Voice-based assistants like Alexa, Siri, and Co are promising to be the future of interacting with computers. In parallel, gesture- and other sensor-based interfaces find their way into every day products, such as cars and home audio systems. Timm will talk about the history of conversational UIs, and about the potential implications for UX and UI designers.

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WebVisions Barcelona explores the future of the web with a lineup of badass visionaries. July 2-4 at IED Design School.

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