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Burn Down the Blocks!Sparking Collaboration Through Creative Play

“Fail forward”
"Every journey begins with a single step"
“Do or do not, there is no try”

There’s no shortage of inspirational mantras, but these sayings offer little advice to surmounting departmental silos, generational gulfs, intimidating power distances and other communication roadblocks that stymie creative collaboration in the workplace.

These barriers exist because the roles we play in a team environment provide us with a set of rules for interacting with each other. Ironically, these rules often prevent us from doing the very thing we’ve come together as a team to do: Collaborate!

In this session, Carolyn and Anna will discuss how to break the rules and transform those roadblocks into building blocks… freeing you and your team to live up to the mantra of your choice.

  1. Learn about common communication barriers; why they exist and how they hinder team innovation.
  2. Understand the value of design synthesis as a group activity, and how play is a central component to the co-creation dynamic.
  3. Explore a type of creative team play called a Spark-a-Thon. You’ve probably heard of the hack-a-thon, a fun and popular way to immerse yourself into a problem and solve it with code. What would happen if this format of time-limited, team-oriented creation was applied to design concepting? The answer: The Spark-a-Thon, which leads to bigger ideas and a stronger team problem-solving dynamic.
  4. Gain tips, tricks, and resources, so that you can go run your own Spark-a-Thon. You'll leave armed with some benefits and results you’ll glean from it, too - just in case you need to build an internal business case for it.

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but play is certainly the father. Join us to learn some serious play!

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