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Rafa Soto

Most brands spend an insane amount of money in advertising. They read a ton of books on marketing and churn out a ridiculous number of powerpoint presentations.  As a result, their consumers become more and more skeptical.

Rock Bands on the other hand, despite having never read a single marketing manual in their lives, have die-hard fans, waiting in line for hours in order to catch a glimpse and buy a t-shirt.

WTF? Why does it appear that the distance been the brand and the consumer is getting wider as opposed to narrower? And why is it that advertising appears to be less effective nowadays?

Jack Dixon says: “If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” And that's exaclty what's happening. Today, most of the brands are focused on optimizing results instead of focusing on people.

As a brand, if you think of your clients as consumers, you'll get consumers. However, if you think of them as fans, you'll get fans. Right, this really sounds like a, ”duh that's obvious” kind of a statement. But hopefully, you will ge to see some examples and thoughts on how to get fans as opposed to consumers through some really cool ways.

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