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Because McLuhan

Dan Klyn

“What if McLuhan is right? Suppose he is what he sounds like - the most important thinker since Newton, Darwin, Freud, Einstein and Pavlov?”
–Tom Wolfe (1969)

Folks from within the community of UX practice have been calling for the death of the wireframe since the early ‘oughts. And now with the rise of Agile, the death-knell is ringing from without. Just so you know: they are coming for the rest of our deliverables.

How in today’s Lean world do we situate / talk about / sell / teach the role of documentation in our process? If in the past we were doing it wrong, how do we go forward doing it right?  If, as McLuhan insists, the medium is the message, how do the media we employ in developing and communicating design work in tandem (or at odds) with our content?  

This presentation will introduce the audience to the work of Marshall McLuhan as a powerful source of approaches to rethinking the media ecology of design documentation.

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