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Authenticity, Technology and the Future of Storytelling

Looking at themes as diverse as the Egyptian Revolution to the Pacific Crest Trail, Andy Davidhazy deconstructs the creative process - from concept to web to interaction to movie - and shares his adventures and perspectives on authenticity and personal storytelling in the age of likes and social shares.

“Technology and the Web helped turned my self-centered journey into a source of inspiration to many.”

Andy has always followed a very natural curiosity with very little regard for artificial boundaries and orthodoxy. He has maintained a personal website and blog since 1995 and has used that platform to narrate a life full of lessons and adventures. His values and passion for storytelling, the craft and making of things, and walking slow with an open mind were on display in 2015, when he documented his 2600 mile hike from Mexico to Canada on the Pacific Crest Trail by taking a self portrait at every single mile of the trail. The time-lapse video he created immediately went viral, garnering millions of views, international press, and providing others the courage and trust in that everything will get better if you just keep moving forward.


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