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Audio for the Masses

Music is ubiquitous. It is inherent to our very nature. Where there's mankind, there's music. However, both music schools and musical instruments are expensive, and hard to get access to. But maybe we can use the power of the web to bring music to more people than ever.

Web Audio enables us to play sound in the browser natively, without using a plug-in. Being able to write audio code in JavaScript lowers the barrier of entry significantly. You just need a browser to get started: no need for expensive equipment or software licenses. The same code works everywhere, and anyone can run it from anywhere in the planet.

Can we see further away, past the specific technical details, and think about the larger implications this may entail? What happens when you give powerful tools to people who've never been exposed to the same culture that you've grown with? Can we turn consumers into creators? Can anyone even try to fathom the result of this unpredictable combination?

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