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Articulating Instagram’s Voice, or, How I Got a Bunch of Visual Storytellers Excited About Language

Instagram is all about using photos (not words) to tell stories and share moments. So, how did I, as their first content strategist, get everyone excited about capitalization rules and voice attributes? Setting or revamping content standards and voice guidelines are vital to developing a polished experience. But getting buy-in and support can be a real drag. I learned a lot articulating Instagram’s voice and writing our content standards, including that making words everyone’s business is the key to creating standards everyone can’t wait to use.  

Learning Objectives:

  • You’ll learn that documenting a brand’s content standards is often a lot less about creating something from scratch, and way more about figuring out how guiding principles or core values relate to content.
  • Get familiar with ways to put your standards to work before you’ve written them, and how to use uncertainty to your advantage. 
  • See solutions for bringing people along in your process and making them content warriors with standards and style guide formats that are easy to access, digest and put to work.  

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