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Although one of those rare original American creations, like Jazz and the Hula Hoop, comics have had a challenging and difficult history in this country. Born more of a result for utilizing excess newsprint, the medium has evolved awkwardly with the times, both in content and delivery mechanisms, plus ancillary (though more prominent) offshoots, such as film. One of the last commercial art forms to go digital, graphic storytelling is still aggressively evolving and digital presentation offers it an even more transformative experience than most creative mediums.

Here we’ll review the form and fashion in which this new medium exploded on the scene pre-WWII and what digital tools have driven most of the recent and evolving incarnations. We’ll also discuss the fact that comics are just cool... and yes, secrets will be revealed!

  • What’s America’s problem with comic books?
  • How can they survive post-paper?
  • Do kids read comics anymore? Do they care? Do you?
  • Are digital graphic novels where it’s at?

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