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The future is not predicted, it is made

Telephones ended up doing pretty well. Y2K came and went with barely a ripple, and the world market for computers has definitely grown to more than five.

WebVisions is all about looking to the future. Sometimes, though, we like to take a step back and realize we’re all capable of making some pretty damned horrible predictions.

Enjoy the poster. If you dig it, feel free to download it and paste it on your wall. We predict you’ll do just that.

Why WebVisions?

Too often, companies neglect to invest in their future, resulting in missed opportunities and lost projects.

WebVisions explores the future of web design, UX, technology and strategy in NYC, Chicago, Barcelona, Portland and Berlin – with visionaries from BoingBoing, Facebook, Google, Mad*Pow, Citizen and more.

The future isn’t predicted, it’s made. Join us in Barcelona (June 19-21) or Chicago (Sept. 25-26).

Future predictions gone wrong