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Behind the Scenes with the Draplin Design Co.:Tips, Tricks, Triumphs, Threats and Turds

Go behind the scenes with the Draplin Design Co. logo-making process. See how we work, how we organize our files, how we back our stuff up and how we shave time off our process. Tips, tricks, threats and tales. A good time will be had by all.

Starting with the Experience

The “Starting with the experience” workshop is designed to help teams step outside their daily thinking and get playful when thinking about consumer, brand and experience. It’s easy to get excited about the potential of new technologies and lose focus on how these experiences meaningfully connect back to end-users and the brands that deliver them. During this workshop we will focus on an experience from an analogous category (e.g. an airline experience) as it is more fun and we can also shift attendees away from their everyday thinking (removing any bias or preconceived values teams have with the subject). 

Using the Waveline:Mapping Premium Value to the User Journey

Businesses mostly care about value but they define it in narrow, mostly functional and financial terms  yet, the biggest value is qualitative and comes from meaningful experiences. The waveline is a new tool that helps designers and developers better design and communicate the inherent value in the user experience, built from premium value at the start. It helps prioritize qualitative value in a way that designers can understand and follow. The waveline makes use of new data from design research techniques that go beyond the standard tools and help structure the conversation of products and services around a narrative of user interaction and the most valuable parts of the customer relationship.


Create First, Research Later!Presumptive Design: An 'Action First' Research Technique

Pressure to innovate is increasing each year. Businesses must find new and inventive ways to differentiate themselves and add value. Those of us working at the front edge of these efforts (designers of all stripes - web, interaction, UX, and more - strategists, product managers and so many others) face decreasing product cycles, agile-based development and seemingly less and less time to do fundamental research. Presumptive Design is an emerging design-research technique that subscribes to the oft-quoted maxim: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." It turns the usual waterfall-based research-analyze-design-execute cycle on its head, shrinking time to insights from months to days.

On the Verge of Genius:Exploring Smart Cities, Agriculture, and Healthcare

Kevin Hoyt

Cross a WebVisions workshop with Bill Nye the Science Guy (or Mr. Wizard depending on your generation), and you will get IBM's Kevin Hoyt, leading you through an interactive, hands-on, exploration of the increasingly connected world of cities, farms, and you. On this three-hour tour, the weather may just get rough, but smart cities with vast arrays of connected sensors will keep us on course and on time. Leaving the city behind, we will discover that data is the new fertilizer for the green acres of smart agriculture. The next stop on this fantastic voyage is inner space as we seek to leverage smart healthcare to unlock the secrets of heart disease and asthma.