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Walt DisneyThe World’s First User Experience Designer

We all know that Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and a world-wide entertainment empire. But did you also know that he could also be considered the world's first user experience designer?

In this session, Joseph Dickerson, UX Architect and author of the book Experience Matters: Essays, Lessons and Tactics on User Experience Design, details how Disney took exacting care in designing Disneyland, the world's first fully immersive engineered experience, and how he applied user experience design practices long before there was a formal UX discipline.

With case studies and stories about how Disney created the ground-breaking theme park, Dickerson details how you can "design like Walt did" and apply his best practices to your own projects and teams.

In this session you'll learn about:

  • The history of Disneyland's design process
  • Best practices in UX design (that Walt did before any of us)
  • "Mickey's Ten Commandments" (design principles we can still use today)

And more...