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The Future of the Web is Video

By 2014, Cisco estimates that 56 percent of all Internet traffic will come from viewing Internet video and Internet video-to-TV. This makes sense considering that people prefer video content to text content at a rate of 2-to-1. As the demand for video continues to surge online, there is another video-centric platform that will have a resurgence in the next few years: the television. With over 500 million people predicted to have Smart TVs by 2015 according to Display Search, there is an impending “appification” of the TV that presents an enormous opportunity for brands, content creators and media companies alike.

And yet in the face of these trends, only a small percentage of what is being written by major publishers and individual bloggers everyday includes video or is optimized for video-based consumption. While the equipment and publishing software are easy to get ahold of, quality video production is still specialized and costly; creating compelling, captivating content requires skilled labor on and off camera. What’s more, chances are that few in the audience have thought through the necessary steps and logistics to optimize their static content for video and for TV-consumption, not to mention the corollary monetization models.

Throughout her career, Leslie has helped media brands navigate opportunities brought on by technological advances: from the web to social media to mobile. In her talk, she will again take the reins and guide the audience through a new frontier: the proliferation of online video and the smart television. Together, they will examine a realistic view of what’s to come, where the opportunities are and what will be needed to succeed.