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Just Make It FunWhat Designing For Kids Can Teach Us About User Experience

Debra Gelman

When designing digital experiences for adults, we focus on the “destination,” making sure our users can complete key tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. When designing for kids, however, we get to focus on the “journey,” and all the adventure and excitement that come from the experience itself.

What if we were able to mix it up a little, and introduce some of these “journey” ideas into our designs for adults to create more interesting experiences? This presentation will identify techniques from designing for kids that we can apply to adult audiences to increase satisfaction and engagement. Specifically, we’ll talk about how kids and adults respond to the following:

  • Conflict
  • Response
  • Investment
  • Action
  • Flow

Participants will come away with an understanding of the principles of designing for kids, and techniques for incorporating these principles for adult audiences as well.