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Future Web Layouts

Chris Mills

We've been publishing documents, pages, apps, books and cat pictures on the Web for around 20 years now, so it is very surprising that we've never really had much in the way of easily manipulable, proper tools for creating web layouts. For years we relied on spacer gifs and horrible abuses of table markup, because nothing else had anything approaching cross browser support. Yes, we've had CSS for a long time, but positioning doesn't have all the answers, and using floats for multiple columns is a hack. In 2012/2013, we are just starting to see proper layout tools for the web emerge and get support in browsers.

In this talk Chris Mills will take you through what's available in the CSS3/4 layout specs, what can be used now in production projects, and what's coming up on the horizon, including media queries, flexible box, multi-column layout, grids, regions, and more. Your cat pictures will never have looked better.