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Designing Life & Brands Through Aspirations

Mel Lim

Moving from the micro to the macro, Mel Lim teaches through storytelling. As the Designer of her life and brand, she takes her audience through real life moments where she applied design thinking to solve challenges. We meet Mel Lim the Daughter; Mel Lim the Immigrant; Mel Lim the Entrepreneur; and Mel Lim the Wife/Mother.

At each milestone in her “brand evolution” she is confronted with a particular challenge. She must determine the best methodologies to manage challenge and reflect on lessons learned in order to grow and evolve to the next level. Mel Lim’s life is a template where the practice of applying design principles and methodologies helped identify touch points, manage culture, solve challenges, and create value. These same principles, Mel tells us, we can apply to our internal and external business design environment.