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SHIFT DeluxeAn AIGA Portland presentation

Returning to WebVisions for the third time, thought leaders of the design community will showcase examples of intentional design and processes that make our world better environmentally, economically, culturally, and socially. Join us for this version of SHIFT that includes a handful of brief, inspiring presentations followed by panelist and audience discussion on how to make design for positive change actionable.

The talented line-up includes:

Ken Tomita

Co-Founder, Grove

At Grove, Ken specializes in custom bamboo iPhone and iPad cases. Grove insists on doing everything in-house in Portland, including product design, prototyping, production, marketing, distribution, web design. For them, this results in greater innovation, complete accountability, direct human relationships, and superior quality.

In his presentation, Ken will share their process, values, and showcase some of the beautiful products that have been developed by their passionate creators.

Kim Rees

Co-Founder, Periscopic

Kim Rees is co-founder of Periscopic, a socially-responsible data visualization firm. Periscopic works to bring meaningful issues to life through data and to inspire change and action. A prominent individual in the data visualization community, Kim has presented at Visualized, Strata, OSCON, eyeo, Visualized, and Wolfram Data Summit among others. She is an advisor to the US Congressional Budget Office and has been featured in Fast Company Design, Huffington Post, and CommArts.

Using their recent U.S. Gun Deaths visualization, Kim will discuss how they developed the concept and how they hoped to contribute to the discussion of gun violence in America.

Steve Gutmann

Business Development Manager, Getaround

Steve develops partnerships with government agencies, universities, companies and other institutions, and helps shape Getaround’s product to suit his clients’ needs.  Previously he was Senior Commercialization Manager for EcoSecurities, a leading international developer of carbon offsets under the Kyoto Protocol. Before that Steve was National Sales Manager for Flexcar (now Zipcar), the world’s largest self-service, by-the-hour car-sharing company.

At SHIFT, Steve will provide give a quick overview of how car-sharing technology evolved (from spreadsheets/touch-tone scheduling/lockboxes to RFID cards and apps), and where this dynamic industry is headed next.

Kate Ertmann

President, ADi

Kate Ertmann is a business woman, speaker, thought leader, and charitable advocate. She became a partner at ADi in 2000 and the sole owner in 2008 – her company produces innovative 3D animation solutions for business, marketing, training and education. She founded the Portland chapter of Women in Animation and is an active member of many industry organizations as well as sitting on the board of two charities. Kate’s favorite food is buttered popcorn.

In her SHIFT presentation, Kate will focus on sustaining the business side of creativity by creatively hiring and connecting with staff; how empathizing with the ‘Employee Experience’ will help retain their services, improve communication and ultimately, achieve a profitable efficiency. We will not only discuss techniques that can be integrated quickly and how to measure effectiveness, but also how adopting a culture of connectedness from within can permeate every aspect of the brand so that clients and customers see they’re supporting a strong company, and not just the product or service.

Tice Paul Tice

iTen Associates

With more than 10 years experience in the computer aided drafting environment, Paul is currently combining laser scanning technology with 3D modeling, animation and rendering. He is also leading an effort to digitally document historical sites in 3D throughout Oregon for public education and fundraising. Paul publically speaks at conferences internationally on his innovations in multimedia and is a contributing author to LiDAR News Magazine where he tells the stories of his digital adventures.

In his presentation, Paul will be highlighting the ‘Sentinel Project’: A collaboration with the Historic Preservation League of Oregon and preservationists abroad to document 100 historical sites and forms of architecture throughout Oregon with laser scanning, panoramic photography, and various 3D technologies for interactive public education.

Katrina Scotto di Carlo

Co-Founder at Supportland

Katrina Scotto di Carlo is a collaborative economies nerd and co-founder of Supportland, the local PDX startup dedicated to building tech for thriving communities. Supportland presently has over 60,000 active card and mobile app users in the Portland area.

Katrina’s presentation will be an action-packed exploration of the collaborative process. Work better together!