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Using the Waveline:Mapping Premium Value to the User Journey

Businesses mostly care about value but they define it in narrow, mostly functional and financial terms  yet, the biggest value is qualitative and comes from meaningful experiences. The waveline is a new tool that helps designers and developers better design and communicate the inherent value in the user experience, built from premium value at the start. It helps prioritize qualitative value in a way that designers can understand and follow. The waveline makes use of new data from design research techniques that go beyond the standard tools and help structure the conversation of products and services around a narrative of user interaction and the most valuable parts of the customer relationship.


Establishing a Brand-Driven Message Architecture

Trying to manage scope creep? What about seagulling stakeholders? And what content matters most, anyhow? These questions and other challenges drive content strategy. If you’re a designer planning for content or a developer tailoring the CMS to specific content types, they’re your challenges, too. If you need to empower a team, wrangle a client, and rally everyone around a common vocabulary for your primary navigation, forget your title. It’s time to embrace content strategy, starting with the message architecture.