Explore the Future of the Web

Taking Content Everywhere

Mobile is our immediate challenge, but it’s just the beginning of an even bigger content shakeup. To meet the needs of everything from smartphones and tablets to read-later services and web-enabled appliances, we need content that can go more places, more easily. Yet most content is still being created in fixed pages and documents, locked into just one format and designed for just one destination.
That won’t cut it. As devices get more diverse, powerful, and ubiquitous—and as our users continue to expect more—we need content that can keep up. But our organizations can’t afford to create more content for every new device and channel. Instead, we need content that does more: content that’s structured so it’s meaningful to both humans and machines, and stored so it can be reused and reconfigured however we want.
In this workshop, you’ll gain critical skills to make your organization’s content ready for mobile today—and for the unknowns of tomorrow.
What you’ll learn

  • Why mobile is just one part of an even bigger shift—for content and for business at large
  • What you can do today to start preparing content for more flexible destinations, from responsive websites to APIs to personalized content
  • How to start breaking content into mobile-friendly, flexible, modular chunks
  • Who you’ll need on your side to make this happen (and how to talk with them)
  • How your CMS, your workflow, and your business need to change to make all this stuff stick

How we’ll do it

  • We’ll mix examples and case studies from major media, government, and business with plenty of hands-on exercises to help you:  
  • Analyze your content to understand its key messages and underlying elements
  • Break content down, turning pages and documents into mobile-ready modules
  • Create simple, useful content models to share with your team
  • Revisit writing and editing through this new, more modular lens
  • Prioritize and plan how content appears on different devices and channels
  • Make all this possible in your organization

This workshop does not require technical skills, and is for anyone looking to make content mobile-ready and future-friendly—including both content professionals and those from other web fields.