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Typography is the New Black

In recent years web and motion designers have woken to the power and centrality of typography in visual communication. Phinney presents an array of of the best cutting-edge typography, alongside a few cautionary tales of how crap typography can contradict a message or damage a brand.
The best typography can inspire, reinforce a message, or even become the message. You’ll see awesome web sites and videos that show you how that synergy can happen, from simple and elegant to complex and kinetic.
At its worst, lousy typography is like going out in public with your virtual pants down. It can make the brand presented look amateur, absurd, or even racist.
These real-world examples will show you how typography enhances or dismembers your intended messaging, and how you can create typographic design that supports your desired messaging instead of undermining it. You’ll also leave with resources for further education and inspiration.