Explore the Future of the Web

Transforming Mass MediaHow It Changes To Adapt Or Dies

Technological advances have changed most (2D) creative and informational mediums, some with dire impact (news) and others with grand opportunity (storytelling).

Every day we're seeing the transformation of entertainment and non-fiction, in both content and distribution. The content has been enhanced by the new tools but the big changes are really in the delivery mechanisms. Over 50 years ago, like today, people were watching TV and movies and listening to music, but the means by how they get this has so radically changed, has it changed us as people?

What about the impact on the act of creativity? Are creative efforts approached differently now with the advent of digital tools? How do the delivery systems change what we see and hear and how we perceive entertainment? Is the tail wagging the dog? Why is the sky blue? These, and many other intriguing conundrums to be reviewed and discussed with you, the audience/creator/consumer. Open minds are welcomed as we explore topics such as:

  • Do radically different forms of delivery mean we get more or less from the experience? And how would you gauge that?
  • How has this all played out for the two main forms of Truth: fiction (entertainment) and non-fiction (information). Are we better people now that we have access to more input than ever?
  • What happened with the whole paper delivery system? Seemed big. Is it dead yet? What do the trees think?