Explore the Future of the Web

Changing Content, Changing Culture

Responsive. Adaptive. Mobile first. Cross-channel. We all want a web that's more flexible, future-friendly, and ready for unknowns. There’s only one little flaw: Our content is stuck in the past. Locked into inflexible pages and documents, our content is far from ready for today's world of apps, APIs, read-later services, and responsive sites—much less for the coming one, where the web is embedded in everything from autos to appliances.  

We can't keep creating more content for each of these new devices and channels. We'd go nuts trying to manage and maintain all of it. Instead, we need content that does more for us: Content that's structured and defined so it can travel and shift while keeping its meaning and message intact. Content that's trim, focused, and clear—for mobile users and for everyone else, too. Content that matters, wherever it's being consumed.

But it's not just that our content is stuck. Truth is, our organizations and clients are stuck, too—and unless we, web professionals of all stripes, take the lead to do things differently, they won't be able to keep up. In this session, well start with revisiting our legacy content and adding the structure and metadata we'll need to make it more flexible. Then, we'll also tackle the heart of the problem: organizational cultures that are terrified of change.