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Building Mobile Applications with Web Standards

Kevin Hoyt

If you are building for iOS, the you use Objective C and Xcode.  If you are building for Android, then you might use Java and Eclipse.  And if you are building for BlackBerry, you will find yet a different Java.  But all these devices have a modern browser capable of leveraging many of the emerging web standards.  So why not use that browser to build applications that you can deploy in the various application stores?  Welcome to PhoneGap.

In this session, join Adobe Evangelist, Kevin Hoyt on a tour of how to get started building mobile applications with web standards using PhoneGap.  We will start by setting up the workflows for both iOS and Android.  From there we will build and deploy our first application to each.  After that it is off to the races with native device API integration including accelerometer, compass, audio recording, camera and photo gallery access, and more.