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Internet of Things Lab

Join Makers, Hardware Hackers, Developers, Designers and Strategists for a two-day jam session to develop and prototype Internet of Things (IoT) based solutions for real world problems. It is not an ‘IoT 101’ but an in depth, hands-on, professional and personal experience.

Participants are encouraged to bring their preferred prototyping tools to be used with the IoT Lab frameworks as they develop innovative concepts and prototype physical and software products with 3D printers or code. Come up with the next IoT startup with fellow team-members. Forget the Internet-connected fridge – we want to prototype products and services that use technology and design to provide something that people really need.

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Day One
Ideation, planning and product development work sessions.

Day Two
Work sessions, product finalization and presentation of prototypes.

What to bring:

Bring your favorite prototyping tools and gadgets along, you’ll need them! Teams will present their final product or service concept in the way that shows it best – including video, rapid prototypes, wireframes. We provide coffee to start in the day – please bring or buy your own lunch and extras. Shops and cafes are usually close by the venue.

The IoT Lab is is facilitated by Claro Partners and organized by WebVisions.

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