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Hey boss, energize your team


Send them to the creative conference for the web

Your clients just bumped up their timeline (but not the budget), your front-end developers are staging a mutiny and five minutes ago your best designer gave two weeks notice.

You can’t afford the time or the resources to send staff to another conference.

Here’s the thing: you can’t afford not to.

WebVisions is a cross-disciplinary educational event designed to enlighten and inspire your team. It’s a chance for them to step away from the day-to-day grind and recharge their collective spirits. They will thank you for it, and you’ll thank them for the new perspective they bring to work.


Attendees: 200 to 1,100+

Designers: 30%
Technologists: 21%
UX Practitioners: 18%
CEOs/Principals: 9%
Marketers: 8%
Students/Educators: 7%

Organizations: 300+

1-50 people: 32%
51-100 people: 6%
101-500: 16%
501+ people: 46%

Who goes to WebVisions?

WebVisions is a uniquely decentralized event with an entrepreneurial, DIY, indie culture that encourages speakers, sponsors and attendees to mingle, network and connect. TypeKit’s Jeffrey Veen calls it the “crunchy granola cousin of SXSW.”

Over the years, we’ve built a loyal audience of designers, developers and industry leaders.

Five reasons your team should attend WebVisions

Sure, conferences are great fun and offer a chance to hobnob with fellow professionals, but sometimes we need reassurance that the event will offer real value for the money. Here are five reasons why professionals attend WebVisions:

1. Explore

WebVisions attendeesThey’ll get exposure to the new ideas and trends that are revolutionizing business and the world.

2. Experience

They’ll take in-depth workshops that dig into subjects like HTML5 and CSS3, interface design, user research and game development.

3. Connect

They’ll network and meet people from around the globe — potential partners, clients, business associates and mentors.

4. Be seen

They’ll show off your company as a strategic thinker and leader in digital media, mobile and interactive.

5. Strategize

They’ll come back to work sharing the WebVisions experience and helping guide the future of your organization.

Special bonus:

Save 15% with the code “GROUP4” if you sign up four or more from your company, or 20% with the code “GROUP10” if you register 10+. Ka-ching!



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