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Hacking Behaviour

Veron Lai

The best design solutions today positively impact human behaviour. However, despite the advance of technology providing us the ability to gain better understanding and insight, challenges remain for designers of behaviour change solutions. This half-day, hands-on workshop will introduce the science and theory of behaviour change, key tools & technique to apply during the design process. The focus will be on the hands-on part, learning by doing! 

Make It Personal (And Put Some Quotes on Shit)

We all use so much shit. We collect shit, buy shit, steal shit, trade shit and then throw shit away. This workshop will allow us to take abandoned shit and rejected shit and breath new life into it (and maybe ourselves in the process). You will receive pieces of abandoned shit to restore, and Jessica and Tim will then lead you through some writing, lettering and painting magic that will leave you feeling a lot different about your shit than when you started.

Using the Waveline:Mapping Premium Value to the User Journey

Businesses mostly care about value but they define it in narrow, mostly functional and financial terms  yet, the biggest value is qualitative and comes from meaningful experiences. The waveline is a new tool that helps designers and developers better design and communicate the inherent value in the user experience, built from premium value at the start. It helps prioritize qualitative value in a way that designers can understand and follow. The waveline makes use of new data from design research techniques that go beyond the standard tools and help structure the conversation of products and services around a narrative of user interaction and the most valuable parts of the customer relationship.



Dan Saffer

It's the small details that turn your product from one that's just tolerated to one that's loved. But how do you focus on details? This hands-on workshop will walk participants through the process of designing and refining microinteractions. We'll do exercises around Using The Overlooked and Speaking Human. Loops and Modes are the last part of microinteractions. We'll talk about when to use modes, and  do an exercise around Long Loops: how to extend your microinteraction into the future.

Telling the Right Stories

Steven Cook

Edenspiekermann Partner Steven Cook will be hosting a channel strategy workshop. In his half-day workshop, Steven will give some insights on storytelling and shaping your content strategy. He will show you a few tools to help you develop storylines, and find which channels are the best to engage your customers. At the end of this session you will have a overview of how to set-up a content strategy and channel strategy. Also, you will walk away with a few more ideas on how to tell your brand’s story.

Understanding SVG:From <line> to Animation

Scalable Vector Graphics have been living in the browser for years, and they’re more and more necessary in modern web design: they help us create scalable retina-screen-proof visual elements, complex animations and interactive visualisations. You don’t need to be a front-end developer to attend this workshop, but a basic HTML and CSS knowledge is advisable, since we’ll be coding most of the time. You’ll also need a laptop and a text editor; and it’s better, although not mandatory, to have some SVG edition software installed, like Adobe Illustrator, Sketch or Inkscape.

Zine Extravaganza:An Exploration into Small Press Publication Culture, Distribution and Commerce

Learn about small press publications and make your own zine! The workshop will begin with a talk about the history of zines and a discussion about their overlap with other independent publications such as artist books, blogs, pamphlets, and fan ephemera. We’ll split into zine-making groups with each group selecting from a menu of topics. Participants will also have the option to make something on their own in addition to the group work if they wish. We will have breakout sessions focusing on content as well as production and execution.