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Zine ExtravaganzaAn Exploration into Small Press Publication Culture, Distribution and Commerce

In this workshop participants will learn about small press publications and make their own! We’ll explore the materials, supplies, formats, and production techniques that are commonly used to make zines. We’ll look at a wide array of examples, and then we’ll transform our work space into a zine factory!

The workshop will begin with a talk about the history of zines and a discussion about their overlap with other independent publications such as artist books, blogs, pamphlets, and fan ephemera. We’ll split into zine-making groups with each group selecting from a menu of topics. Participants will also have the option to make something on their own in addition to the group work if they wish. We will have breakout sessions focusing on content as well as production and execution.

Every participant will come away from this workshop with new publications they have made as well as the knowledge and tools to make more!

Suggested Materials List (I will be bringing as much as I can fit into a suitcase):

1. paper (8 1/2" x 11" is best to start) / colored card stock for covers 

2. glue sticks 3. typewriters/computers/scanners

4. collage material (vintage magazines, thrift store books, ephemera etc)

5. non-ball point pens / sharpie markers

6. scissors 

7. photocopier for printing (black and white is fine but color might be nice too)

8. long reach or saddle stitch staplers, needles, linen thread, embroidery thread, dental floss for binding

9. portable typewriter (if possible, no worries)