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Hacking Behaviour

Veron Lai

The best design solutions today positively impact human behaviour. However, despite the advance of technology providing us the ability to gain better understanding and insight, challenges remain for designers of behaviour change solutions.

This half-day, hands-on workshop will introduce the science and theory of behaviour change, key tools & technique to apply during the design process. The focus will be on the hands-on part, learning by doing!

  • Principles of behaviour design – background science and theory and how to influence change
  • Mapping user journeys to identify hacking opportunities
  • Process of design for behaviour change
  • Behavioural goals and measuring success


Participants will develop and acquire new insights, tools and skills to inform and optimise their design for behaviour change together with specific and quantifiable ways to measure success.

Who should attend

If your goal is to design and build something that motivate people to change behaviour then this workshop is ideal for you. This introduction class is specifically designed for those who want to learn the fundamental skills and technique to approach a behaviour change design challenge.