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The Sins of Creatives

Rafa Soto

The root of the word sin used by the Greeks and the Jews meant to err, to trespass the rules or the established moral.

Yuval Noah Harari says in his book Sapiens that all order created by man is full of internal contradictions and therefore is prone to disorder. Virtually, prone to error.

And if people, in general, have contradictions, I can’t even start with creatives, who due to the nature of their job (normally) have a mental structure that is closer to that of a merry-go-round than to that of a crystalline lake at the top of the Alps.

This is a list of the common sins of creatives in general. It is said that mortal sins break the friendship with God, but God will always love creatives because he himself is a multidisciplinary creative. Fact is, two thousand years later people still turn to him before a date.

So mortals or venials, don’t worry, we are safe with God. And knowing that we are safe, well, let’s have fun. Because there is no funner recreational park than one’s own weaknesses and after, there is what is said by psychoanalysts, that to heal yourself you must take a look within (more or less). And if there is something that we creatives need in general, is a bit of relief. And of course, and so this isn’t read as something remotely condescending, I include myself as a representative of all the sins exposed and hence, I speak form experience and also, but in a lesser manner, from guilt.

Some sins to treat:
The second beer
Elder mentality
The outfit