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A ‘Reconfig’ for Digital Health That Lives Up to the Buzz

Veron Lai

In the last few years, it seems you can’t turn a corner without hearing about digital health. From IoT pill reminders and gamified fitness apps to virtual counseling and doctor video consultations, digital continues to transform how we engage with healthcare. It’s shifted the focus of our interactions with health data, products and services from people centered to people powered.

However, despite the insights, innovation and buzz, digital solutions are falling short of expectations – largely due to poor implementation within the holistic healthcare system. 

In this session, Veron will discuss how the relationships between drug and human can be used to understand the current shortcomings of digital health. Drawing on her experience as a digital strategist for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, Veron explores how the role of design within digital health should ‘reconfig' in order to create innovations with greater impact in the future.