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Isabelle ArversMedia Art Curator, Critic and Author

Isabelle is a french media art curator, critic and author, specializing in video and computer games, web animation, digital cinema, retrogaming, 8 bit music and machinima.

She has coordinated ISEA 2000 in Paris and Video Cuts 2001, Centre Pompidou, Gaming Room Villette Numérique 2002, Paris, Tour of the Web 2003, Centre Pompidou, featuring French and international artists.

In 2004, she has organized a Gameboy music concert and she has curated the wireless art event Wifiledefrance. She was the net.art curator for the Banana RAM festival, in Italy. She also curated the exhibit Gametime, Experimedia, in Melbourne and la Nuit Numérique for the Bitfilm Festival, in Hambourg, In 2005 she curated No fun games and the gaming experience, in Bergen Norway ; Mal au Pixel, Paris, France, 2006 ; Playing to real, Meudon, France, 2007; Gamerz 2008-2012, Aix-en-Provence, Game Heroes, Marseille 2011.

She has curated machinima programs for the Flash Festival in Paris, The Animation Film Festival in Annecy, the exhibition Gameplay in Sao Paolo, the Mostravideo in Belo Horizonte in Brasil and for the Festival Gamerz. Because she believes that machinima is a new way of expression, she gives workshops to students and teenagers in Machinima.

She writes about game art and machinima in magazines like Amusement, MCD, Digitalarti. Her last essay “Cheats or Glitch? Voice as a game modification in Machinima” is published in VOICE Vocal Aesthetics in Digital Arts and Media Edited by Norie Neumark, MIT Press 2011


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