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Keynote Sessions

Rules of Thumb for Design Chicanery from Obama for America HQ

Jason Kunesh

Being the first director of user experience in US Presidential campaign history presented a unique set of challenges, goals, and constraints. I'll share best practices and methods that helped Obama for America build winning social, mobile, e-commerce and in person experiences for as many people as possible. Tall tales, examples & plenty of QA to go around.

Adaptive Images for Responsive Web Design

The open web doesn't stop at our desktop. Smart phones and tablets not only contain more computing power and better browsers than the computers that started the Internet economy, they have better displays.

The Business of Play

Play isn't just for kids and heavy gamers. Anyone with a FourSquare account knows that - and the stickiness of a badge and a leaderboard. But a good, playful user experience isn't about those surface elements either- it's about creating an environment with well-understood rules, meaningful objectives, and a sense of fun.

Collaboration HacksLet's Do Great Together

Design is about envisioning a better future, and working towards making it happen. Changing the world around us by creating things is innately human. When we create together, magic can happen - or disaster can strike.

Creating Animated Music Videos with CSS3 and HTML5

Rachel Nabors will show you how to make a browser-based music video using the HTML5 audio, JavaScript and CSS3 animations. Load assets, loop music, and fire events using JavaScript. Animate images and backgrounds with CSS3. Even if you never need to make a music video, you’re sure to come away with a head full of ideas.

Designing New Experiences, Capabilities and Business Models in the Internet of Things

Discussion around the Internet of Things (IoT) often gets caught up on resolving issues of interoperability, battery life and security. However, in this session we will shift the focus to the enormous potential of valuable services built by designers, developers and users on top of the connections, data and networked objects.

Doors, Walls and Old TreesPrioritizing to Get Simple

We live in a world of increasing complexity, time challenges and utter distractions. As designers, we're routinely called upon to create digital experiences that help reduce perceived complexity, remove unnecessary "noise" and potential frustration for our users. It's an attempt to create a bit less stress, ease decision making and perhaps even instill a bit of surprise and delight.

From Organic to DigitalApplying Nature's Complexity, Symmetry and Beauty

Design benefits non-designers like scientists and engineers all the time in the field of Biomimetics a discipline that aims to innovate materials engineering and improve existing machines by copying nature which for millions of years has been manufacturing products without polluting the environment and producing strong materials.

Future Web Layouts

Chris Mills

We've been publishing documents, pages, apps, books and cat pictures on the Web for around 20 years now, so it is very surprising that we've never really had much in the way of easily manipulable, proper tools for creating web layouts. For years we relied on spacer gifs and horrible abuses of table markup, because nothing else had anything approaching cross browser support. Yes, we've had CSS for a long time, but positioning doesn't have all the answers, and using floats for multiple columns is a hack. In 2012/2013, we are just starting to see proper layout tools for the web emerge and get support in browsers.

Hackathon for Social Good

Join web and mobile experts in an all day Hackathon for Social Good. Hackathons are events when programmers and designers meet to work collaboratively to build programs and applications.

The day will begin with short presentations by the non-profit organizations, followed by planning, design and programming work to develope mobile and web applications to help each of the non-profit groups to achieve their mission.

Machinimas as a Political or Artistic “Detournement” of Video Games

By using virtual spaces and changing the perspective as an artistic strategy, machinima allow a distanced critique of a simulated world. They tend to erase the boundaries between reality and fiction and redefine the transgressive power of the game.

Make Some Space for the Next Few Billion Users

There is a strange phenomenon with us. Give us a lot of space and we fill it up until there is not much left. There is even a recognised psychological condition about it now called hoarding. Well, we've done the same to the web over the last few years. We pack in lots and lots of not really needed effects and libraries just to cover an environment to come in the future. And by doing so we start catering to a smaller and smaller market of the technological elite of the western world. A market that more and more cares about native apps instead of the web.

Mobile Web Design Anti-Patterns

Dave Shea

Mobile design is necessarily about embracing constraints, but sometimes we go too far. We strip down our content to a bare minimum in pursuit of misguided ideals about mobile context. We provide 'useful' mobile UI components that immediately proceed to get in a user's way. We make improper assumptions about a user's environment. Let's place dozens of these mobile design anti-patterns under the microscope and talk about why they don't work, and what we should be doing instead.

Modern Style Guides for a Better Tomorrow

Shay Howe

Times are changing and so must the process in which we design and build websites. The days of designing static compositions in Photoshop are a thing of the past, instead, responsive design within the browser is the future. This new world is not without its own risks, but if we focus on maintainability, organization, and modularity we can achieve a better tomorrow.

Overcoming Resistance

The value of User Experience and related practices is continuously overlooked by most corporations. As a result, released products & services fail to meet end users' requirements and lack competitive advantage in already saturated markets.

Responsively Responsive

Responsive design has changed the way websites are built and experienced. But how do we designers and developers adapt to this ever changing environment? Our old tools are falling short and we need to reinvent ourselves again; it's time to bring the responsive flexibility into our workflows.

The Rise of Content MarketingWhy B2B Needs To Pay Attention

Anoop Sahgal

Storytelling, creativity and connecting audiences to a brand are all things marketers can relate to – but what is the relevancy to B2B when it’s not about pushing collateral and specifications? Content marketing is not new, but in the new world, it’s not just about the company.  It’s about engaging your audience throughout their journey and delivering the desired information at the right time.

A Simplified UX Formula

Ronel Mor

My session proposes to distil the "elements of user experience" into a simple formula or model. This formula can be used to get a sense of the quality of an experience of any sort (interactive  or physical). Attendees may gain an intuitive tool/model for better evaluating the impact of different factors affecting experiences they may be delivering in their work.

Social Experience DesignShifting The Focus Where Really Matters

Too much focus on external metrics will harm in the long term the effectiveness of your social strategy as well as your company as a whole. Changing the focus to deal properly with social dynamics requires a deep understanding of a few critical factors. This talk will show a hands-on social experience design method to deal with this complexity and achieve the change projects need, plus some supporting use-cases supporting them. It will provide you a grounding in how to manage projects with social dynamics, how to properly use motivation and how to design for it.

This is Not Your Parents' Pattern LibraryA Fresh Approach in Defining Corporate Design Standards

Think pattern libraries are outdated? Think again. We'd like to challenge the perception of what makes a pattern and a pattern library. In this talk, Carrie and Erica will discuss the fading relevance of traditional pattern libraries and show you what they've done to reinvigorate the Design Standards hub at eBay, making it more engaging and maximizing its usefulness.

Threedee Tales of Urban Bohemia

Vicent Marti

Computer Graphics, particularly 3D, is a discipline of computer science with decades of tradition and research behind it. As we keep struggling to master the world of 3D rending on the desktop, a whole new world of possibilities is now arising on the web thanks to the WebGL Javascript APIs, which allow us to harness the full power of a computer's graphics stack from inside the DOM.

Tugboats and TankersContributing to Longterm Organizational Change

Contributing to longterm change in organisations and their service offering involves serious committment and stamina. You seldom see radical changes just on the basis of a single project. The results of that project might be mind blowing in itself, but in the longer term the effect of it on the wider organisation might seem disappointing.

Typography is the New Black

In recent years web and motion designers have woken to the power and centrality of typography in visual communication. Phinney presents an array of of the best cutting-edge typography, alongside a few cautionary tales of how crap typography can contradict a message or damage a brand.

Web Standards for Cross-Device DesignWhat Next?

Bruce Lawson

Since Facebook announced that betting on HTML5 was its "biggest mistake", the "native vs web apps" debate has reignited with greater heat, but very little new light. In this session, Bruce will look at what's coming up in web standards that will bring greater capabilities to web apps that work across mobiles, desktop, TV - things like webRTC, CSS Flexbox, new CSS Units, CSS Device Adaptations and a peek at what's being discussed for Media Queries level 4.

Welcome Makers!

Kevin Hoyt

Thank you Makers for coming to WebVisions!  Wait, what?  You are not a maker yet?  Perhaps you should be!  With the decreasing cost of electronics, and the increasing availability of Internet access, there is no better time to start.  And even if you do not have a project you want to put on Kickstarter, taking things apart or making physical things that work for you on a personal level is not only vastly gratifying, but downright fun! 

Who Will Create the Future? Superman, Robots...YOUSurvival Tips for of the Everyday Humanist

We live in the era of services and creativity. Even though your company or your clients are struggling to understand their customers, you are supposed to design and create customized solutions that work perfectly for everyone, everywhere on every device. Even though your organization or your client is working in silos and with sometimes poor communication, you are supposed to "know everything about everything" and act just in time, if not in advance...Don't get stressed. It's about Multidisciplinary, Interactions and Soul.