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A Simplified UX Formula

Ronel Mor

My session proposes to distil the "elements of user experience" into a simple formula or model. This formula can be used to get a sense of the quality of an experience of any sort (interactive  or physical).

The formula is presented here in a flat and somewhat technical  way):    
Expectations X Friction < Value   (E x F < V) 
Expectation = what the user expects from an interaction , service, platform, product.
Friction = the effort required  from a user in order to gain value from a product/service/interaction
Value = is what the user actually gained.
This may seem a little dull when presented here in a message but it is clear and well communicated when presented.
When projected on products like the iPhone, or a services like eBay, Twitter, Google, dating sites or mobile apps like Instagram: this formula reflects on the factors  and quality of these experiences. 
For example: The  powerful impact the first  iPhone (iPhone3) offered as opposed to the 4s version, which is a much better product but was apparently a  lesser experience.
There are many such examples in my session which are insightful and sometimes amusing.
In the second part of the session I present how the model reflects on experiences which are emotional and loveable (brands like Apple and Harley Davidson are solid examples for this angle).
Attendees may gain an intuitive tool/model for better evaluating the impact of different factors affecting experiences they may be delivering in their work.
This model is the outcome of a research I conducted at the academy and in my professional landscape as a practitioner and designer of brand and interactive experiences.