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WebVisions Barcelona featured a fabulous lineup of design, UX, tech and strategy experts. Held from July 7-9 at the IED Barcelona located at Carrer de Biada, 11.


Registration opens at 8:30. See locations below for workshops, sessions and special events.

Wed July 6
IED Barcelona
Thurs July 7
09:30 – 18:15
IED Barcelona
Fri July 8
09:30 – 18:15
IED Barcelona
Sat July 9
09:30 – 18:15
IED Barcelona
19:00 – 21:00
Wrap Party
IED Barcelona

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City Guide

BCN City Guide

Freddie Mercury and Montserrat Caballé sang, “Barcelona – Such a beautiful horizon, Barcelona – Like a jewel in the sun” and once you lay your eyes on the beauty of the Mediterranean, you’ll be singing right along with them. The Catalan people are exceptionally friendly and most speak better English than some native English speakers. You’ll be tempted to spend your days on the beach, but here are a few tips of what else to include:

La Sagrada Familia
Carrer de Mallorca, 401

It must be done, and you already know why. Our only tip is to buy your ticket in advance on-line and print out a pass (most hotels will let you email the pass to their front desk). You’ll have to choose a window to visit, but you’ll breeze past those who decided to buy their tickets at the door. Think of it as the Gaudí fast pass.

Picasso Museum
Montcada 15-23

While his famous piece “Guernica” is actually in the Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, this museum has a wonderful Picasso collection as well as spectacular traveling exhibitions.

Stroll Las Ramblas

Everyone says you have to go, so then you must go to say you went. But hold onto your wallet/purse, and for goodness sake, don’t act like a tourist. Pro tip: Don’t eat in any restaurants on the Ramblas (no matter what the charming restaurateur tells you). Instead, walk the Ramblas for the experience and then divert down one of the side streets and try a restaurant off the beaten path. You’ll probably pay less money and enjoy a better meal.

Hit the Beaches

If you are staying a short time in Barceloneta, then by all means go down to the beach and dip your toes in the Mediterranean waters. But if you have some time, you simply must leave the city center. A short metro ride will take you into Poble Nou and some less touristy and more family oriented beaches. Enjoy the freedom of the Spanish beaches, all bodies welcome here.

Ride a Bike
Ride or Die | C/Pescateria 2

Rent a bicycle and see the town! We recommend renting from Ride or Die…We found them to be one of the best deals in the city at 10 euros per day (return by 8pm)… or you can pay by the hour.