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Technology Platforms and Design

So, you have a great idea, a plan and the courage to overgo the ups and downs of pursuing your goal. Where do you go from here?

It is a vast sea of tools, design platforms, frameworks out there that you have to swim through and it is not uncommon to get distracted by some buzzword-filled tool and lose sight of your goal doing that.

There is no universal answer to “what programming language should I use?” and “how should my site look?” but the true answer is actually quite simple: don’t reinvent the wheel. It might sound as a paradox for an innovation platform but it is crucial to move all the unneeded distractions off the road so that you can focus on the things that matter.

Site creation tools are now both customisable and beautiful, online e-shops with a couple of clicks and neat presentation tools are now at your hand. And if you actually do plan to reinvent the wheel, create the tool that you would otherwise use, then we will also see how you can do that.

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