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Storymapping the Experience

Donna Lichaw

What does a great experience have in common with a great story? Everything. Turning complex concepts into simple, impactful narratives can help you imagine and evaluate ideas, products, and features quickly and effectively, before jumping into expensive pixels and code. While envisioning, planning, and building something with an experience that engages, influences, and inspires can sometimes seem daunting, crafting a great story can be easily learned. See how simple storytelling techniques can transform your next idea, product, or strategy from good to great. Whether you are creating a product or service from scratch or improving one for conversion, activation, or engagement, mapping the story first will help you figure out how to envision and build something that people not only love to use, but use often, and recommend to others.

Learn how to:

  • Craft and communicate simple and impactful narratives that make people listen and call them to action.
  • Use narrative architecture to map out and reverse engineer conceptual models and customer journeys.
  • Quickly and effectively assess strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and opportunities in your ideas, as well as how you envision customers using the things you build.

What people have said:

  • "Innovative!”
  • "The storymapping concept is incredibly inspiring and, for me, game-changing in the way I approach content creation and user experience."
  • "Personally? I think identifying the story is the FUNDAMENTAL work of the designer. This technique, I feel, will become a CORE SKILL for UX designers."
  • “My sketch of a product idea has now made it to the very top of my company. Who knew I could sketch? Your workshop was awesome!”
  • "Honestly, your classes made me less afraid to go and sketch, test, and play around with product ideas on paper.  I had this notion that only people who went to art school could do that kind of thing, but I've been able to use sketching to great effect in my job. It has really changed the way I work.”

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