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Node.js Workshop for Designers

Tae Won Ha

You've seen your developer friends scripting like a magician on the Terminal? Perl, Ruby, Python, shell scripts and whatnot... You don't want to learn new languages and the corresponding eco-system? Enter Node.js! You can be a script magician, too, in JavaScript! Additionally, you can also develop a full-fledged web application, in JavaScript! There are whole lot ready-made libraries you can use for many purposes.

This is an introductory Node.js workshop intended for designers with basic knowledge of JavaScript and wants to get first taste of Node.js. You are going to see examples how to employ JavaScript to automate everyday tasks. We are also going to build a simple web application.


* Install Node.js v0.12.0 on your computer
    - OS X: use Homebrew or the installer from nodejs.org
    - Windows: use the installer from nodejs.org
    - Linux: you know what to do
* Decent text editor

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