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Introduction to Sass

CSS preprocessors have been among us for a while, and they have more and more users everyday: thanks to them, we are able to introduce in our stylesheets variables, functions, reusable code blocks and other interesting features that allow us to develop and maintain CSS in an easier way. The most popular preprocessor is Sass, and we'll learn how to use it from scratch.

This introductory workshop is aimed to people with a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, and will be mostly hands-on. You will need your own laptop and your code editor of choice.

The program includes:

  • Introduction to preprocessors
  • Variables, mixins, @extend
  • Selector nesting
  • Partials, @import
  • Operators
  • Controls (@if, @for, @each, @while)
  • SassScript functions and custom functions
  • Sass Style Guide

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