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Create First, Research Later!Presumptive Design: An 'Action First' Research Technique

Pressure to innovate is increasing each year. Businesses must find new and inventive ways to differentiate themselves and add value. Those of us working at the front edge of these efforts (designers of all stripes - web, interaction, UX, and more - strategists, product managers and so many others) face decreasing product cycles, agile-based development and seemingly less and less time to do fundamental research.

Presumptive Design is an emerging design-research technique that subscribes to the oft-quoted maxim: "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." It turns the usual waterfall-based research-analyze-design-execute cycle on its head, shrinking time to insights from months to days.

In this workshop, attendees will learn the theory and practice behind Presumptive Design (PrD). Attendees will take an artifact, representing an existing strategy, and engage with users to validate or inform the strategy. In addition, attendees will see how PrD differs from other, perhaps more familiar processes, such as Lean UX, Design Sprints and the like.

Attendees will take away a clear understanding of this leading-edge process having experienced it first hand. In addition, signed copies of the book, "Presumptive Design: Design Provocations for Innovation." will be available for purchase at a significant discount off retail.

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