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Connected Thinking

Scé Pike

Connected Thinking is an evolution of Design Thinking. It brings into the typical design thinking process other real-world forces - such as technology, industry, policy, and nature - and applies it to any type of design issue. In this workshop we will kill the old, outdated Human-Centered-User-Centric–Design–Thinking to create a design philosophy that is meant for today's world of connected devices vs beautifully designed objects.

In this workshop you will learn to empathize not only with your human counterparts but with technology, industries, policies, and other forces to realize that they have a real need and desire to evolve and change along with us and they need a designers hand to guide them.

You will learn to apply Connected Thinking to new industry verticals such as:

  • Internet of Things – what are the ways that this can really happen?
  • Connected Cars – will the automotive industry own the connected car industry?
  • Data – what would big data as an organism look like to us?

On a practical perspective, we will also look at how to apply Connected Thinking in everyday practice such as taking this philosophy and applying it to:

  • Branding exercises that leads to Design Language Systems
  • User Journey Maps
  • Design Strategy & Communication
  • User Experience Flows

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