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Be Truly Agile

Tae Won Ha

You have this grand idea which could change the world. The question now
is how to bring your idea into life. You can do it traditionally by
perfectly planning every detail upfront. The planning surely will take
longer than planned, not to mention its implementation. Even when you're
done after few years, there'll be no more customers because they are
already using competitors' products or your idea is then not up-to-date
anymore. Or you can approach the problem in a piecemeal and agile
fashion together with the customers.

Using the MVP approach, you can test the viability of your business
model even without writing single line of code. This way you will get
very early customer feedback which will guide you in the right direction
from the very beginning.

After having done that you can apply various user story techniques to
build your product step by step, harnessing the full potential from your
agile team. And by applying the lean startup principle, i.e. learning
from each step and customers' reaction to it, you will grow with your
customers and also avoid building features customers don't use.

In this workshop we will work out possible MVPs and user stories using
techniques like Wizard of Oz, story and impact mapping and more.

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