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Carolina Escobar-TelloFounder

Carolina is a forward thinking researcher, lecturer, and facilitator. Sustainability, creativity, systemic thinking, and a pro-active mindset shape her role as a designer and citizen of the world.  She has worldwide professional design experience in the industrial and governmental arena. In addition she has extensive experience in design teaching and facilitating workshops ranging from the academia to the industry.

Currently a Lecturer in the Design School at Loughborough University (UK), her work has been published in journals and international peer reviewed conference proceedings. Carolina’s research looks at facilitating the transition towards increasing sustainable design practices by understanding better the design characteristics of products, services and systems that contribute to people’s happiness and sustainable lifestyles. She is particularly interested in uncovering grass-root opportunities that help people to innovate and shape more sustainable societies.

In 2013 Carolina won a HE Social Entrepreneurship Award for her design framework and toolkit ‘Design for Happiness’.  This award gave way to establishing ‘Riant by Design’, a company whose overarching aim is to support communities, businesses and organisations in their transition towards more sustainable and happier lifestyles.  This, in turn, seeks to generate a positive impact on social capital and innovation; and consequently economic prosperity.


Barcelona 2015Jul 2 - 4, 2015