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See You in ValhallaWebRTC, Vikings & The Real-Time Web

Tian Davis

If the Vikings had WebRTC, we'd all be speaking Danish. Battlefield communication in ancient warfare was primitive at best. The times of the Norse Gods were no different. They had trumpeters who would play a note, which you would recognize as your unit. Then a second set of notes that would tell your unit what to do. You had drums whose beat could change. That change would tell you to increase your pace or turn right. This all could be very confusing. The fog of war and the rattle of battle was a very real problem. Communication was tough.

With WebRTC, Viking Kings like Ragnar Lothbrok would have had access to the power of secure voice, video and data communications. But I promise you, WebRTC is like no other HTML5 API you've ever seen. To architect a successful WebRTC solution is to bring together an alliance of both networking and web technologies. When that alliance is understood, the result is a powerful platform for communication at your fingertips.

Follow me into the fog of war as we journey through the unknowns of WebRTC: The WebRTC JavaScript API, Session Negotiation and Signaling. Learn the nitty-gritty of using native WebRTC with audio, video and data communication. 

Far vel ("Farewell") and see you in Valhalla as I share lessons learned in the trenches developing with WebRTC at Respoke. In particular, I discuss the hard parts of WebRTC and why it will be so crucial to both military and business success in the years to come. The talk further suggests how to integrate native WebRTC into your application using JavaScript, STUN/TURN and WebSockets for signaling.

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