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Downshifting Your Life to Rev Up Your Creativity

Kent Nichols

Life is not a linear journey from point A to B, there are bumps, detours, and failures that we must endure and persevere to achieve our goals and get to the next level. Kent Nichols talks about his journey from College dropout to New Media darling to overcoming being a one-hit wonder in this humorous look at his life since dropping out of the LA rat race.

He tackles sensible irrationality, building a strong foundation, networking, picking the right place to escape to, and taking your time while being decisive. And you'll discover the pains and joys of moving to a "lifestyle" city, including no one caring about your Lexus Hybrid, realizing you're the fattest person in a 50 mile radius, and trading a 2 hour daily commute for a lot more time on an airplane.

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