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Digital DiegesisMultiplatform Story-World Development

"In fiction, diegesis is that part of an entertainment which is obviously part of the narrative itself. In film and television, something is said to be diegetic when it is experienced by the characters."
–Dr. Who's Tardis Datacore

We no longer develop content strictly for a television series, a feature film, or a single interactive experience. Today, story content must be developed for multi-platform media systems consumed through a variety of experiences. Although at first glance this may seem to complicate the development process, through deeper exploration of the relationship between story and discourse, we can better understand the nature of transmedia narrative.

This talk will explore methods for understanding the development of transmedia story content, how to present this content to clients, and how fluid structuralist thinking can help us create multiple narrative experiences of a focused, singular story-world.

Check out the article on Matthew Thomas Maloney:
"The future is all about the (transmedia) narrative"


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